Individual Agencies

Green Proving Ground Program

Uses the General Services Administration’s real estate portfolio to identify, test, and support the commercialization of cost-effective technologies to reduce energy and water use.

EPA’s SNAP Program

Publishes acceptable substitutes for ozone-depleting substances. Some partially vacated rules are being adopted independently by states.


The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, among other financial assistance, funds woodstove replacement for low-income households.

NY/NJ Port Authority Truck Replacement Program

A grant program to help truck owners finance the purchase of 2013-or-newer engines, up to $25,000 apiece, for trucks that service the port frequently and currently have 1996 through 2003 model year engines.

Diesel Emissions Reduction Act programs

DERA provides federal funding in the form of grants to eligible entities for projects that reduce emissions from existing diesel engines.

EPA’s SmartWay program

EPA’s voluntary SmartWay program is a partnership between the Agency, shippers, freight carriers, and freight logistics companies to benchmark and track CO2 emissions and disseminate information on fuel-saving technologies.

Residential Standards

EPA may regulate black carbon from residential sources through new source performance standards for residential heating stoves, education, or incentivizing the replacement of inefficient stoves.