States and State Governments

LPDD Model Law: State Renewable Gas Standard

Model legislation based on California’s proposed SB 687, which would have established a renewable gas standard requiring an average carbon intensity reduction of 1% in 2020, increasing to 10% by 2030.

LPDD Model Law: State Legislation to Decarbonize the Generation of Electricity

Model state electric decarbonization statute based on 2019 legislation enacted in Washington State, which commits that state to a retail electricity supply entirely free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

LPDD Model Law: Clean Fleet Legislation

Model legislation that can be enacted on the state or local level to establish a “Green Fleet Transition” program in the enacting jurisdiction.

LPDD Model Law: State Healthy Soils Legislation

A menu-based model legislation template of best practices in existing healthy soils legislation from around the country, as well as some forward-looking key issues not yet addressed in existing legislation.