US Ports

Port of Virginia Electrification

Virginia's governor announced a plan to make all 160 yard tractors operating at the Port of Virginia's six port facilities go electric.  

NY/NJ Port Authority Truck Replacement Program

A grant program to help truck owners finance the purchase of 2013-or-newer engines, up to $25,000 apiece, for trucks that service the port frequently and currently have 1996 through 2003 model year engines.

Port of San Diego Vessel Speed Reduction Program

The Vessel Speed Reduction Program is a voluntary program asking cargo vessel operators entering or leaving San Diego Bay to observe a 12-knot speed limit. For cruise ships, a 15-knot limit is requested.

Port of Vancouver EcoAction Program

Under the Port of Vancouver EcoAction Program, vessels that have a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rating of A, B or C are given harbour due rate discounts of up to 47%.

Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program

The Port of Los Angeles banned pre-1989 trucks followed by a progressive ban on all trucks that did not meet 2007 emission standards by 2012. In 2018, only model year 2014 or newer were allowed to sign up in the Port Drayage Truck Registry.

Green Marine

North America’s largest voluntary environmental certification program for the maritime industry.