2.2.5 Building Energy Audits

Reno Energy and Water Efficiency Program

In addition to benchmarking requirements, requires that all buildings not receiving an Energy Star score of at least 50 must conduct an energy audit and retrocommissioning every seven years.

Orlando Ordinance 2016-64

In addition to benchmarking requirements, requires buildings owners to conduct an energy audit or retrocommissioning every five years, unless their building receives an ENERGY STAR score at or above 50.

New York EO 88

Tequires that public buildings of more than 20,000 sf benchmark energy consumption annually. Buildings that receive low scores are required to undergo energy audits and implement cost-effective improvements.

Hawaii HB 1464

In addition to benchmarking requirements, Hawaii’s HB 1464 requires retrocommissioning on public buildings at least every five years.

Boulder Building and Performance Ordinance

Requires owners of commercial and industrial buildings to annually rate and report the energy use; perform periodic energy assessments; perform periodic retrocommissioning and implement cost effective energy efficiency measures.