7.1.9 CCS Carveouts in State RPSs

LPDD Recommendation: “States could expand their RPS laws to become clean energy standards, mandating not just the purchase of renew­able energy, but also energy produced by coal-fired and natural gas combined-cycle (NGCC) plants that are equipped to capture CO2.”

Utah’s Energy Resource Procurement Act

Provides that 20% of Utah’s adjusted electricity sales should be from qualifying electricity or renewable energy certificates by 2025, including “qualifying carbon sequestration generation.”

Indiana’s RPS-eligible clean power sources

Includes “advanced technologies that reduce regulated air emissions from or increase the efficiency of existing energy production or generating plants that are fueled primarily by coal or gases from coal."

Illinois RPS Clean Coal Carveout

Requires electric utilities to procure at least 5% of their total energy supply from “clean coal” facilities, defined as capturing between 50% and 90% of CO2 emissions, depending on date of construction.