4.3.4 Clarifying Regulatory Authority Over Trailers and Gliders

LPDD Recommendation: “Congressional action to solidify EPA’s CAA and/or NHTSA’s EISA authority to regulate trailers may be necessary in order to avoid lengthy legal challenges to any subsequent rulemaking on the design of trailers. With respect to gliders, a future administration could return to EPA’s 2016 interpretation of the CAA and establish limits on the number of gliders that can be produced and on the type and model year of engines that could be installed into gliders.”

EPA Rules Regulating Gliders

In 2016, EPA and NHTSA claimed broad authority to regulate gliders in the same way as they would regulate any new HDV released in the year the glider was constructed. See 81 Fed. Reg. 73478, at 73513-20. The Trump administration plans to repeal.

EPA Rule on Aerodynamics of Heavy-Duty Vehicle Trailers

In 2016, EPA and NHTSA planned to regulate the aerodynamics of HDV trailers, a rule that was projected to save 9% in per-vehicle fuel savings by 2027. See 81 Fed. Reg. 73478, at 73521. That rule was challenged, and EPA is reconsidering it.