7.1.15 CO2 Injection and Pore Space Regulations

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress could create a regulatory framework for offshore CO2 sequestration.”

Ohio Rules on Carbon Injections

Established that the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management has the authority to issue permits for underground injection of carbon dioxide for secondary or tertiary recovery of oil or natural gas.

Kansas Rules on Carbon Injections

Directed the Kansas Corporation Commission to develop specific regulations establishing requirements, procedures, and standards for the safe and secure injection of carbon dioxide.

Montana Rules Regarding Pore Space

Created a presumption that the surface owner of a property is also the owner of the subsurface geologic storage reservoir, and authorizes the state to unitize a subsurface reservoir for geologic storage of CO2 under certain conditions.

Wyoming Rules on Carbon Injections

Established a process for unitization, or pooling, of geologic sequestration sites. Delegated authority over injection of CO2 for sequestration and EOR to separate agencies.