2.4.2 Community Ownership Structures

LPDD Recommendation: “More states could adopt virtual net metering to allow customers to receive utility bill credits from an off-site generating system.”

LPDD Recommendation: “More states could allow community solar systems so that electricity service providers may sell electricity from a centralized system to multiple power purchase agreement customers.”

New Jersey Community Solar Energy Pilot

New Jersey's pilot community solar program has been lauded for strong provisions prioritizing low and moderate income customer participation.

Model Community Solar Legislation

The Coalition for Community Solar Access has authored two sets of model community solar legislation for vertically integrated states and restructured states.

Community Solar Policy Decision Matrix

The Coalition for Community Solar Access has authored a matrix intended to lead policymakers through important questions in the community solar development process.

FPL SolarTogether

FPL will install 1,490 megawatts of community solar at 20 new solar power plants across FPL’s service territory, with projected long-term savings of $249 million.

Oregon’s SB 1547

Oregon’s SB 1547 boosted the state’s renewable energy mandate to 50 percent renewables by 2040, and mandates a program for procuring power from community solar projects.