5.6.8 Energy Efficiency Mandates

LPDD Recommendation: “State and local governments should adopt separate energy-efficiency mandates for utilities, with a primary focus on reducing both total and peak consumption.”

RAP Report, Principle of Smart Heat Electrification

Surveys policies that impact smart heat electrification, including electricity pricing, energy efficiency obligations, carbon intensity standards, financial support schemes, building codes, appliance standards, and labeling. 

New Jersey’s A-3723 and Implementing Order

State legislation and responsive PUC Order requires each utility to implement energy efficiency measures to reduce electricity usage by 2.15 percent and natural gas usage by 1.1 percent annually.

New York’s 2019 Climate Mobilization Act

Established a 2030 goal to increase energy efficiency from 2012 levels by 23%. The Act also incorporated the governor’s previous target of 185 trillion Btus of end-use energy savings below the 2025 energy-use forecast.