4.2.7 Expanding Vehicle Charging and Refueling Infrastructure

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress, the federal government, states, and PUCs should expand financial and other support infrastructure for expanded use of EVs.”

LPDD Recommendation: “The federal government should continue to identify critical corridors for AFVs under the FAST Act to prioritize funding and development.”

LPDD Recommendation: "State governments should allocate funding and institute regulations to incentivize EV charging in residential spaces."   

LPDD Recommendation: "States could encourage service providers and workplace site hosts to install charging stations near them."

LPDD Recommendation: "States should consider providing incentives to encourage owners of multiunit dwellings to add access to electrical outlets in parking areas."

LPDD Recommendation: "State legislatures could request assistance from PUCs in promoting EV infrastructure by including EV charger costs in electric rates." 

LPDD Model Law: EV-Ready Commercial Building Code

Would require new or significantly altered commercial, industrial, or multi-family residential buildings to be equipped with the installation of Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment in proximity to parking spaces.