6.1.2 Federal Land Management Strategies for Bioenergy

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress could condition funding under the Forest Legacy Program, the Healthy Forest Reserve Program, and the Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program on the adoption of sustainable management practices that increase carbon sequestration capacity on forestlands.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress could grant USFS authority under the federal Forest Legacy Program to allow for bioenergy feedstock production, while at the same time requiring decarbonization-driven standards for such lands.”

LPDD Recommendation: “USFS can implement regulatory measures that require no net loss of CO2 into the atmosphere from the lands it manages.”

Healthy Forests Restoration Act and Applications

Under the HFRA’s Hazardous Fuel Reduction on Federal Lands provisions, the US Forest Service could remove dead trees from forests, thereby reducing forest fuels that exacerbate wildfires, while displacing fossil fuel generation.

US Woody Biomass Utilization Strategy

Contemplates the use of excess woody materials from national forests for energy generation in order to improve ecosystem health, restore forest resilience and productivity, slow the pace of global climate change, and reduce US fossil fuel dependence.

National Forest Management Act

This Act could be interpreted to grant the US Forest Service the regulatory authority to require no net loss of CO2 from the lands it manages.