2.6.9 Food Waste

LPDD Recommendation: "States should adopt laws that other states have adopted on the waste problems posed by products, packaging, food scraps, and industrial waste."

LPDD Recommendation: "States should adopt legislation banning food waste in landfills, using Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law as a model."

NYC’s Commercial Organic Waste Law

Requires covered food waste generators to source-separate their organic material and either arrange for the transportation of this material to a processing facility or process the food waste on-site.

Boulder’s Universal Zero Waste Ordinance

Requires business owners, residential property owners, institutions, and event permit holders in Boulder to provide separate and convenient compostable material containers and collection services.

Rhode Island Food Waste Diversion Law

Requires covered entities to divert organic waste to an authorized composting or anaerobic digestion facility, or a facility that uses any other authorized recycling method.