1.1.2 Global Decarbonization Resources

Report, Net-Zero Energy Systems

Reviews what it would take to achieve energy system decarbonization, including parts of the energy system that are particularly difficult to decarbonize.

Deadline 2020: How Cities Will Get the Job Done

Research and analysis for this report has identified C40 cities’ share of the remaining global carbon budgets to 2100, for 1.5 and 2 degree temperature rise scenarios. The work outlines city-specific action pathways.

Shell’s Sky Scenario

Examines the challenge of moving to an energy system with net-zero CO2 emissions and gradually eliminate emissions from deforestation by midway through the second half of the century.

2020: The Climate Turning Point

Surveys the necessity of peaking global emissions by 2020 in order to meet Paris Accord targets, and sets out six sectoral milestones as part of that goal.