2.5.10 Green Banks and Related SFOs

LPDD Recommendation: “State governments that have not done so should act to establish SFOs to lend directly or organize financing for decarbonization projects in their jurisdiction.”

LPDD Recommendation: “States and local governments should establish green banks or similar SFOs.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Existing state agencies and authorities, ranging from water and sewer authorities, to municipal utilities, to state treasurers, can often take on the task of sponsoring financing programs and serving some or all of the functions of an SFO.”

Proposed CLEAN Future Act (2020)

A 622-page economy-wide climate bill with provisions on power, transport, buildings, financing, and more released by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

DC Green Bank

Aims to attract private capital at a ratio of at least 5 private dollars to every 1 dollar of public investment, use bonding authority to increase capacity, accelerate lending, and recapitalize funds, and be a breakeven entity.

Montgomery County, MD Green Bank

An independent non-profit, the Montgomery County Green Bank was incorporated and designated in 2016, and is the nation’s first county-level Green Bank.