2.2.3 Green Leases

Vanderbilt report, Employee Energy Benefits

Reports on an exploratory study to address why firms are offering these benefits, including a preliminary survey of employed adults across the United States to examine questions related to their participation.

San Francisco’s Green Tenant Toolkit

Includes a guide to integrating sustainability throughout the life-cycle of commercial leases, toolkits for stakeholder engagement, and a checklist summarizing key sustainability metrics.

IMT Green Leasing Resource Library

The Institute for Market Transformation's resource library contains a variety of think pieces and green leasing case studies from across the United States.

ABC report, Green Leasing

Details how energy disclosure ordinances have increased green leasing adoption, and provides model green lease language that has been used by tenants and landlords.

The Green Lease Library

The Green Lease Library is a centralized site for commercial green leasing resources. Their website catalogs guidance and case studies, public sector green leasing resources, model green leasing language, and more.