3.1.5 Improving DOE’s Process for Issuing EE Regs Under Current Authority

LPDD Recommendation: “DOE should continue establishing and updating currently authorized energy efficiency standards.”

LPDD Recommendation: “DOE should define the scope of products eligible to be regulated under currently authorized standards more expansively.”

LPDD Recommendation: “DOE should reform its EE testing procedures to better focus on high-priority products, adopt well-understood improvements to testing methodology, and take into account cross-cutting technological trends, like more internet-connected devices.”

Report, Making Smart Products and Systems Efficient

Providing an overview of current policy measures worldwide, and noting drivers for the development and implementation of low power enabling technologies and efficient network-connected products and systems.

Report, Clothes Dryer Testing

A study in the best practices of clothes dryer energy efficiency testing, focusing on improvements in DOE’s testing methodology.