5.2.8 Incorporating DERs, microgrids, and thermal energy into Renewable Portfolio Standards

LPDD Recommendation: “RPS should include mandates for solar energy, possibly specifically for DG sources, as well as mandates for energy storage and microgrid capacity.”

LPDD Recommendation: “State legislatures should enact RPS that focus not only on the generation of electricity, but also on thermal energy systems that can contribute to decarbonization, such as heat pumps and district heating thermal energy.”

Austin TX’s RPS

Includes a solar carve-out that requires Austin Energy’s generation mix to include 950 MW of solar capacity by 2025, including 200 MW of “local solar.”

Wisconsin’s RPS

Allows resources that produce a measurable and verifiable displacement of conventional electricity resources to also qualify as eligible resources.

North Carolina RPS

Defines a REC as equivalent to 1 MWh of electricity derived from a renewable energy source, thermal or efficiency measure.

New Hampshire RPS

Defines “New Renewable Energy” to include “useful thermal energy” for which fuel or electricity would otherwise be consumed.

Maine’s LD 1494

Updated the State’s RPS to require the creation of a new thermal portfolio standard to incentivize efficient heating and cooling installations.