5.3.8 Increasing Landowner Buy-In For Transmission Siting

LPDD Recommendation: As an alternative to use of eminent domain procedures for land assembly for transmission projects, states should consider authorizing the use of special purpose development districts or land assembly districts to increase land­owner participation in land assembly decisions.”

LPDD Recommendation: “States, project developers, or even landowners could create transmission corridor districts to increase landowner buy-in for transmission projects.”

LPDD Recommendation: Transmission line companies could consider offering landowners annual payments instead of a one-time ease­ment payment to reduce community opposition to electric transmission lines.”

LPDD Recommendation: Transmission line companies should hold community meetings early and often, partner with environmental groups, create local construction partners, and provide direct tax benefits to local communities as well as volun­tary payments to the communities on a per-mile basis to reduce opposition to transmission lines.”

LPDD Recommendation: Transmission line operators could enter into ‘community benefit agreements’ with affected communities that involve payments by the developer to the community.”

Eminent Domain, Inc.

Proposes a novel replacement for eminent domain, the Special-Purpose Development Corporation.

Center for Rural Affairs reports

Landowner Compensation in Transmission Siting for Renewable Energy Facilities and From the Ground Up: Addressing Key Community Concerns in Clean Energy Transmission