5.4.5 Investments to Extend Nuclear Plant Life

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should implement new policies to encourage licensees to make the potentially substantial investments necessary to refurbish or replace equipment in existing nuclear plants.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should continue and increase funding to DOE and NRC to support research and licensing and regula­tory process improvements to reduce the technical, economic, and regulatory uncertainty associated with opera­tion beyond 60 years.”

Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications

Offers high-resolution computer modeling of aging nuclear reactor equipment. By modeling how extending the life of a reactor impacts the materials it's composed of, VERA can help determine the safe conditions at which plant life can be extended.

EPRI Nuclear Power Action Plan

EPRI conducts a variety of programs studying technical best practices relating the management of aging nuclear equipment, including boiling water reactor vessels, corrosion, materials reliability, steam generator management, and more.