6.2.5 Low Carbon Gas Technical Potential

Renewable Natural Gas Coalition

A non-profit organization composed of RNG industry members dedicated to the sustainable advancement of RNG or biogas-derived biomethane as an alternative and domestic energy resource.

Report, Biogas in the United States

Finds that generation of biogas could be expanded to perhaps 3–5% of the total natural gas market at projected prices of $5–6/MMBtu.

Report, Technical Potential of Renewable Natural Gas

Uses a thermodynamic balance to determine the total technical potential of RNG in the United States, as well as the future technical potential of methanation-derived RNG based on growth curves for renewable electricity.

Biogas Opportunities Roadmap

Identifies voluntary actions that can be taken to reduce methane emissions through the use of biogas systems and outlines strategies to overcome barriers to a robust biogas industry in the United States.