7.1.10 Model New Source Performance Standards for Fossil Generators

LPDD Recommendation: “EPA could modify the NSPS for new coal-fired units by requiring full CO2 capture (i.e., 90%) beginning in the early 2020s.”

LPDD Recommendation: “EPA could strengthen the NSPS for new NGCCs to require at least partial CO2 capture beginning in the mid­-2020s.”

LPDD Recommendation: “EPA should in the near term tighten the NSPS under the CAA for new coal-fired and NGCC units to levels only achievable with CCS or partial CCS.”

LPDD Recommendation: “EPA should revise its climate pollution BACT guidance to reflect NSPS requirements for partial CCS on coal-fired generators.”

LPDD Recommendation: “If EPA does not tighten NSPS in the near term, EPA should adopt regulations that encourage CCS retrofits in addition to CCS deployment at new builds.”