3.2.7 Natural Gas Bans in New Buildings

Seattle’s Executive Order 2020-01

Seattle's Executive Order 2020-01, among other things, bans the use of natural gas and other fossil fuels in all new city-owned buildings, and calls for a plan to transition existing buildings away from fossil fuels by 2021.

Hayward Natural Gas Ban

Requires all new residential buildings to be all-electric, while nonresidential and high-rise residential buildings are electric preferred.

Santa Cruz Natural Gas Ban

All construction permit applications for new buildings in the city must submit a declaration that their design is “Natural Gas-Free.”

Building Electrification Initiative

Supports pilot strategies to scale up the full electrification of building heating and cooling systems. Eight cities are currently participating with the Initiative.

Morgan Hill gas prohibition ordinance

Morgan Hill adopted a gas prohibition ordinance in 2019. Its gas-free commitment is similar to Berkeley’s in that it’s based on health and safety grounds, but it goes a step further by immediately impacting more buildings. 

Brisbane electric reach code

In 2019, Brisbane passed a mandatory all electric reach code for new construction. There are exemptions for cooking appliances, but the code requires pre wiring throughout the building so a transition from gas to electric in the future is possible.