5.5.3 Promoting Pumped Storage Hydro Facilities

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should define new, fast-track licensing parameters that apply only to pumped storage projects, or even just closed-loop systems.”

LPDD Recommendation: “State PUCs should direct their regulated electric utilities to evaluate the need for and benefits of grid-scale storage such as pumped storage hydro.”

California’s AB 33

Requires the CPUC to evaluate the potential for all types of long-duration bulk energy storage resources, including pumped hydroelectric storage, to help integrate renewable energy resources into the electric grid.

FERC rule on pumped storage in RTO and ISO markets

Allows energy storage resources (including pumped storage) to more fully participate in organized electricity markets by removing barriers to these resources in the capacity, energy, and ancillary services markets operated by ISOs and RTOs.

FERC Order 890

Required that non-generation resources be evaluated on a comparable basis to services provided by generation resources, including hydro pumped storage.


DOE initiative to understand, enable, and improve hydropower and pumped storage hydro’s contributions to reliability, resilience, and integration in a rapidly evolving electricity system.