7.4.7 Protecting Forests through Conservation Easements

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress could create or extend existing conservation easement programs, perhaps targeting places that show high forest carbon sequestration potential.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Local governments could assist the use of conservation easements for afforestation through dedicated taxes and bond funds directed at acquisition of conservation easements.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Private landowners could easily draft conservation easements to encourage forest management for carbon capture.”

California’s Forest Legacy Program

CAL FIRE purchases or accepts donations of conservation easements or fee title of productive forest lands to encourage their long-term conservation.

Forest Legacy Program

Voluntary federal program in partnership with states that encourages and supports conservation easements and the acquisition of partial interests in privately owned forestlands.

Report, Conservation Easements and Climate Change

Argues that current laws will need to be revised and expanded to better recognize the climate change benefits that could be achieved from placing land under conservation easements.

National Conservation Easement Database

The NCED contains records for more than 130,000 conservation easements encumbering more than 24 million acres of land.