7.4.6 Protecting Forests through Local Land Use Regulations

LPDD Recommendation: “Local governments should adopt comprehensive sustainability programs that include GHG reduction plans and incorporate forestland conservation acquisition and management tools.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Local governments should establish funds and utilize dedicated taxes to acquire and manage forestlands so as to maximize their ability to sequester carbon.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Local governments should use land use tools to regulate the urban and suburban forest under established land use authority so as to conserve land and enhance the ability of those forests to sequester carbon.”

Philadelphia Climate Plan and Park Management

Comprehensive parkland forest management plan that expressly recognizes the value of carbon sequestered in the forests and the value of sequestration, and adopts management programs for ecological restoration that will prevent release of carbon.

Forest Stewardship Program

Connects private landowners with information and tools to more actively managing their forests and related resources.