5.2.6 Financial Incentives for Installation of Distributed Energy Resources

LPDD Recommendation: “Federal, state, and local governments should provide financial incentives for various renewable resources.”

LPDD Recommendation: “In addition to statewide mandates for DG renewable resources, state legislatures should mandate energy storage or provide incentives for utilities and consumers to provide energy storage for grid-connected solar PV.”

Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act

Calls for updates to Illinois’ renewable portfolio standards, net metering, and energy efficiency standards, as well as a new zero emissions credits plan.

Illinois’ Solar for All Program

Provides solar power to qualifying residents with no upfront cost, while guaranteeing them at least 50% savings on their energy supply costs.

NYS Clean Heat Program

Through the NYS Clean Heat program, electric utility companies offer rebates on both air and ground source heat pumps.


Umbrella for New York solar incentives for homes, businesses, and communities.

Green Tax Incentive Compendium

Collects federal and state tax incentives for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Proposed CLEAN Future Act (2020)

A 622-page economy-wide climate bill with provisions on power, transport, buildings, financing, and more released by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.