4.2.4 Purchasing Electric Fleets

LPDD Recommendation: “Governmental and private entities should continue to use their purchasing power to increase demand for EVs.”

LPDD Model Law: Clean Fleet Legislation

Model legislation that can be enacted on the state or local level to establish a “Green Fleet Transition” program in the enacting jurisdiction.

GoEVCity Policy Toolkit

A catalog of local policies, strategies, and programs designed to advance the transition to EVs in Colorado communities.

Alameda County Municipal Fleet Purchases

Alameda County led a collective purchase of 90 EVs for ten county and municipal public fleets. The aggregate procurement resulted in the purchase of 64 Ford Focus EV sedans at $31,361 per vehicle and 23 Nissan LEAF EV sedans for $33,947 per vehicle.

L.A. County 100% Electric Bus Fleet Goal

L.A. County Metro’s Council adopted a 2017 motion establishing a goal of a 100% electric transit bus fleet by 2030 and tasking the transportation department with developing a roadmap.

Seattle Green Fleet Program

Seattle Public Utilities plans to use a fossil fuel-free, primary collection fleet by early 2020. The SPU “Green Fleet” will be made up of close to 200 contractor trucks powered by electricity, renewable natural gas and renewable diesel.

New York’s SB 5820

Requires the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to study and make recommendations regarding the state's electric vehicle inventory and improvements to the state's electric vehicle infrastructure.