2.6.8 Recycling and Extended Producers Liability Laws

LPDD Recommendation: “The federal government should consider design requirements on electronic products that facilitate repurposing and recycling.”

Comparison of State Laws on Electronics Recycling

The Electronics TakeBack Coalition’s 2013 spreadsheet comparing state laws on electronics recycling provides a survey of states with producer responsibility laws and other models.

California’s Global Warming Solutions Act and AB 341

California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (2006) prompted a scoping plan from the California Air Resources Board that included mandatory commercial recycling. AB 341 reduces landfill methane emissions via upstream diversion.

Product Stewardship Institute

A public-private partnership  researching, designing, implementing, evaluating, and promoting producer responsibility laws and voluntary programs that solve recycling and waste management issues to create a circular economy.

Bottle Bill Resource Guide

The Container Recycling Institute’s projects at bottlebill.org and container-recycling.org document active and proposed bottle bills in the US and abroad.