8.3.3 Reducing Fluorinated Gases through Purchasing Policies

LPDD Recommendation: “State and local governments could join the General Service Administration’s Green Proving Ground (GPG) Program or develop parallel partner programs to focus on technologies or sectors that have not yet been assessed under the GPG.”

LPDD Recommendation: “State and local governments should update and amend their green purchasing program requirements to eliminate pur­chases of HFC-containing equipment where other low-global warming potential and more energy-efficient alter­natives are available on the market.”

George Washington University Climate Action Plan

GWU pledged that, as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems in all of its facilities are replaced over time, all new systems must use refrigerants with lower global warming potential than the systems they replace.

Green Proving Ground Program

Uses the General Services Administration’s real estate portfolio to identify, test, and support the commercialization of cost-effective technologies to reduce energy and water use.