4.3.9 Setting Emissions Standards for Locomotives

LPDD Recommendation: “EPA should set GHG standards for new locomotives. EPA has existing authority under the CAA to set these standards. California has petitioned it to do so. Congress could also amend the CAA to require EPA to act in this area.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should amend the CAA to provide EPA authority to regulate existing locomotives, allowing EPA to impose standards that would either prohibit the continued use of older, less efficient locomotives or incentivize their remanufacture. Congress may also amend the CAA to allow State and local authorities to regulate new locomotives.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Individual States should adopt requirements for in-use locomotives operating within State borders.”

Clean Air Act § 213

Allowing EPA to set emissions standards for new locomotives, including subsection (a)(5) exempting locomotives from the endangerment finding process required to set emissions standards for other nonroad vehicles.