3.1.7 State Energy Efficiency Resource Standards

LPDD Recommendation: “States should adopt EERS’s with an aggressive initial annual savings level that ratchets up each year, and should periodically reexamine and strengthen the required savings level as more-efficient technologies evolve.”

LPDD Recommendation: “States should design and implement effective energy efficiency programs to achieve annual energy savings equal to at least 2% of utility electricity sales (the current average is 0.71%) and increase over time, and states who aim to lead on energy efficiency should set the minimum level at 3% or higher.”

Massachusetts’ EERS

Requires that electric and gas utilities procure all cost-effective energy efficiency, which requirements the state’s PUC administers on a three-year planning cycle.

ACEEE State EERS Database and Toolkits

ACEEE maintains a database of existing state EERS’s and recommends best practices. Their toolkits include model EERS language and guides to program construction, progress reports on state experience, and summaries of existing state EERS policies.