8.1.3 State Mobile Source Standards Under the Clean Air Act

LPDD Recommendation: “EPA should continue its long-standing practice of deferring to California when reviewing waiver requests. California should continue to use its ability to enact and strengthen state mobile source standards.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Other states should adopt California emission standards and work closely with California to identify priorities for future standards, identify the local benefits of adopting the California standards, and expose the risks of delaying action. States could create trigger provisions that would allow regulatory agencies to adjust the standards if the underly­ing California standards change. States should prepare to act as backstops in the event EPA seeks to weaken existing standards or delay developing stronger federal emission standards.”

LPDD Recommendation: “States should continue to regulate emissions from woodstoves through their air quality rules and approved SIPs.”

California Off-Road Mobile Source Regulations

California has promulgated regulations for a variety of nonroad sources, including tractors, excavators, dozers, portable generators, and sweepers are required to meet emission standards.

California Truck and Bus Regulation

Includes emission standards for new engines and vehicles, as well as in engine retrofit requirement aimed to ensure that, by 2023, most trucks and buses in the state will have engines no older than model year 2010.

CARB Diesel Risk Reduction Plan

Includes recommended actions to reduce emissions from mobile and stationary sources. Under the plan, California has enacted on-road and nonroad emissions standards for diesel engines and in-use standards that are designed to reduce emissions.

California’s ZEV Regulation and Other Participating States

California’s ZEV regulation requires automobile companies to produce a certain percentage of ZEVs for sale in California, while ten other states and DC have adopted the ZEV crediting requirements that California imposes on automakers.