6.1.5 Subsidies for Bioenergy Feedstock Development

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress could condition the receipt of federal subsidy funds in the agricultural sector on the implementation of sustainable bioenergy feedstock practices.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should expand the BCAP to more explicitly account for a wider array of bioenergy end uses, and should condition financial assistance on sustainable biomass feedstock cultivation criteria.”

LPDD Recommendation: “To the extent that bioenergy feedstock lands can be made to sequester more carbon through improved manage­ment techniques, Congress should amend the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act to condition receipt of forest stewardship management funds on the incorporation of such techniques.”

LPDD Recommendation: “USFS could potentially use its discretion under the federal Forest Legacy Program to allow for bioenergy feedstock production, while at the same time requiring decarbonization-driven standards for such lands.”

LPDD Recommendation: “USFS could utilize its discretion under the Healthy Forests Reserve Program to enhance carbon sequestration on forestlands to allow the production of bioenergy feedstocks—so long as production occurs according to decar­bonization criteria related to sustainability (particularly related to biodiversity protection), enhanced carbon sequestration management methods, and related measures.”

Biomass Assistance Program

First federal subsidy program for energy biomass. It provides financial assistance for the growth of biomass crops as long as feedstocks are renewable biomass cultivated from eligible land.