7.3.3 Supporting Climate-Friendly Agriculture R&D

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should at a minimum restore the USDA’s research funding to its prior share of the agency’s budget.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should at a minimum double the extension system’s budget to $900 million, designating the additional funds for climate change-related education, programming, and services.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should dramatically increase the annual budget for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Educa­tion (SARE), while also specifically appropriating funds for SARE to use to support the development of carbon farming.”

LPDD Recommendation: “USDA should design research to advance objectives other than mitigation, such as crop productivity or food safety, to bolster, and work in conjunction with, climate-friendly systems.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Agricultural Research Service and NIFA should prioritize funding for research into agroecology.”

LPDD Recommendation: “State governments should develop and expand funding for robust research, education, and technical assistance programs designed to spread climate-friendly practices.”

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Established in 1987 to conduct research designed to reduce the environmental harms of agriculture and to help promulgate sustainable practices.

Agricultural Research Service funding

LPDD recommends the agency increase its support for research that advances production and mitigation simultaneously, such as projects to develop productive livestock breeds, better plant materials for cover crops, and more.