4.3.6 Supporting Electric HDVs through Grants, Taxes, and Rebates

LPDD Recommendation: “A federal tax credit comparable to the American recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 credit for light-duty vehicles should be established for hybrid, electric, or fuel cell HDVs above 8,500 pounds GVWR.”

LPDD Recommendation: “California could expand its Clean Vehicle Rebate Program and Public Fleet Pilot Project to include hybrid, electric and fuel cell HDVs. Other States could follow suit with similar programs.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should expand and guarantee funding for EPA’s National Clean Diesel Grants Program.”

ACEEE Report, Electrifying Trucks

Reviews technical features and challenges of electric trucks, surveys the current status of the market, summarizes electric rates and other policy efforts in the field, and concludes with policy recommendations for developing electric truck markets.

NY Truck Voucher Incentive Program

Provides discounts to fleets across NY that purchase various cleaner vehicle types while scrapping an older vehicle that is part of their fleet.

EPA’s National Clean Diesel Grants Program

EPA’s National Clean Diesel Grants Program provides grants to government entities and nonprofits to assist owners in financing the retrofit, repowering, or replacement of certain HDVs.