7.1.5 Tax Incentives for CCS

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress can expand tax credit programs under §§48A and 48B of the Internal Revenue Code by: (1) explicitly extending them to NGCC plants that capture CO2; (2) enlarging the five-year time frame; and (3) appropriating additional funds.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress could expand the existing production tax credit for renewable generation to include electricity that is produced by plants that use CCS.”

Kansas HB 2419

Income tax reductions and abatement of property taxes applicable to the power plant and the sequestration site for a generation project that sequesters CO2.

New Mexico Tax Incentives for CCS

An advanced energy tax credit for coal facilities that capture and sequester or control CO2 emissions so that no more than one thousand one hundred pounds per megawatt-hour of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere.

Montana Tax Incentives for CCS

Provides that carbon sequestration equipment, clean advanced coal research and development equipment, and coal gasification facilities for which carbon dioxide is sequestered may qualify for an abatement of property tax liability.

Texas Tax Incentives for CCS

Allows a taxpayer to claim a deduction of up to 10% of the amortized cost of equipment used in a clean coal project.

North Dakota Tax Incentives for CCS

Provides that a coal conversion facility that achieves a twenty percent capture of carbon dioxide emissions during a taxable period is entitled to a twenty percent tax reduction.

Kansas Tax Incentives for CCS

Entitles a taxpayer to a deduction from Kansas adjusted gross income with respect to the amortization of the amortizable costs of carbon dioxide capture, sequestration or utilization machinery and equipment.