7.3.4 Using Crop Insurance Regimes to Incentivize Lower Agriculture Emissions

LPDD Recommendation: “The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation should consider the climate impact of practices when establishing poli­cies and premiums.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should offer subsidized federal crop insurance to farmers who voluntarily implement best management practices for nitrogen use efficiency.”

LPDD Recommendation: “The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation should require publicly funded crop insurance policies to treat GHG-intensive practices as risk-enhancing and reduce or eliminate their premium subsidies accordingly.”

LPDD Recommendation: “USDA’s Risk Management Agency should ensure that its crop insurance policies do not interfere with cover crop­ping or other proven decarbonizing practices or conversely encourage less beneficial practices.”

Report, Climate Change and Federal Crop Insurance

Examines the present risk of climate change in agriculture and discusses recent steps taken to address climate change in agriculture in general, specifically within the federal crop insurance program.