3.2.6 Zero Net Energy Buildings

LPDD Recommendation: “State legislatures or governors should establish state zero-energy building (ZEB) goals, such as California’s goals under California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards.”

New Jersey Clean Energy Program

Program has three tiers: ENERGY STAR, DOE Zero Energy Ready, and Zero Energy Ready Plus Renewable Energy. Incentives for zero-energy ready are $1,500 per unit for multifamily, $2,500 for townhouses, and $4,000 for single-family detached.

Proposed CLEAN Future Act (2020)

A 622-page economy-wide climate bill with provisions on power, transport, buildings, financing, and more released by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Santa Monica Energy Code

Requires all new buildings use 10%-15% less energy than allowed by the 2016 California Energy Code, and achieve an energy design rating of zero.