8.3.1 EPA's SNAP Program and State Implementation

Maryland’s Proposed SNAP Regulation

Proposed regulations to phase out the use of certain HFCs in foam products, refrigeration, commercial air-conditioning, and aerosol propellants, recognizing the availability of environmentally preferable alternatives.

NY’s Proposed SNAP Regulation

New York's Proposed 6 NYCRR Part 494, Hydrofluorocarbon Standards and Reporting, would adopt prohibitions on certain HFC substances in certain end-uses as previously included in the SNAP program.

Vermont’s SNAP Regulation

Vermont’s S30 stipulates that products containing certain HFCs prohibited by the EPA in SNAP Rules 20 and 21 would not be allowed in Vermont in new equipment for specific applications as of specific dates.

EPA’s SNAP Program

Publishes acceptable substitutes for ozone-depleting substances. Some partially vacated rules are being adopted independently by states.