LPDD Model Law: Amendments to Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships

Requiring all ships to track and then report all greenhouse gases emitted from the last port of call to the U.S. port of call, requiring that information to be made public, and supporting the development of efficiency rankings

LPDD Model Grant: Conservation Easement with Declaration of Covenants

This Model Grant of Conservation Easement and Declaration of Covenants was developed by the Pennsylvania Land Trust Association, and adapted by our team to enhance terms that promote biologic carbon sequestration. 

LPDD Model Law: State Legislation to Decarbonize the Generation of Electricity

Model state electric decarbonization statute based on 2019 legislation enacted in Washington State, which commits that state to a retail electricity supply entirely free of greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

LPDD Model Law: Federal Hydrogen Refueling Station Funding Act

Creating a federal capital grant program to provide developers of hydrogen stations with funding to defray half of the costs of equipping stations with hydrogen refueling infrastructure along FHWA’s designated alternative fuel corridors.

LPDD Model Law: Green Bank State and Local Legislation

Providing the legislative structure to establish a green bank following the nonprofit model, taking its basic structure from the Nevada Clean Energy Fund legislation.