5.7.10 Federal Fossil Fuel Phaseouts

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress could enact a direct prohibition or phaseout on the use of fossil fuels, or put a limit on GHG emissions related to power generation.”

EO 14057

Orders the U.S. government to be “net-zero” by 2050, with interim goals for buildings, energy, vehicle fleets, and purchasing policies.

Executive Order 14008

President Biden's Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad targets clean electricity, federal vehicle fleets, frontline communities, HFC emissions, and fossil fuel leases and subsidies.

Proposed Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act (2020)

Seeks to leverage the ocean’s potential in the fight against climate change by promoting offshore renewable energy, protecting blue carbon, supporting climate-ready fisheries, expanding marine protected areas, improving ocean health, and more. 

Report, Look Before You Lease

Argues that the federal government currently fails to account for option value in its public land management processes, resulting in suboptimal environmental, social, and economic outcomes for the American public, to whom these lands belong.

Secretary’s Order 3338

The Obama Administration’s Secretary’s Order 3338 prohibited new coal exploration on public lands for a period. This type of EO could be seen as a model for a future president to apply to all fossil fuels.

2017’s proposed Keep It In the Ground Act

Would have amended the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to prohibit BOEM from authorizing the exploration or production of oil, natural gas, or any other fossil fuel in the Outer Continental Shelf.