6.2.7 Gas Quality Standards

LPDD Recommendation: “FERC and states should require pipeline operators seeking to apply stricter quality standards to renewable gas than natural gas to provide a valid justification for that choice.”

LPDD Recommendation: “State PUCs should adopt renewable gas quality standards that do not operate as a barrier to pipeline transporta­tion.”

RAP Report, Principle of Smart Heat Electrification

Surveys policies that impact smart heat electrification, including electricity pricing, energy efficiency obligations, carbon intensity standards, financial support schemes, building codes, appliance standards, and labeling. 

California Biogas Quality Standards

The California PUC finalized quality standard for biogas, including acceptable concentration levels for 17 constituents of concern in biogas.

Green-e RNG standards

Green-e has embarked upon a process to create a new Green-e standard and certification program for renewable gas products and associated environmental attributes. Publication is expected in mid-2020.

RNG Interconnect Guidance Document

Aims to provide the technical framework and guidance necessary for the introduction of RNG into the natural gas distribution pipeline network.

Utility RNG Quality Standards

Notes that several gas utilities in the USA have RNG programs and their own requirements for the quality of RNG injected into their grid.

ABC RNG Purity Recommendation

Renewable natural gas producers have argued that there is not a justification for applying different quality standards to natural and renewable gas.