Public Utilities

Colorado’s SB 246 (2021)

Directs Colorado's PUC to establish energy savings targets and approve plans for beneficial electrification.

Proposed California EV Charger Deployment Rules

Offers state utilities more flexibility in what infrastructure they can deploy before 2025, provides for a streamlined application process, and directs utilities to direct 50% of funding to underserved communities.  

Virginia’s Transportation Electrification Planning Legislation

Requires the State Corporation Commission to develop a statewide transportation electrification plan by 2022, considering issues of equity and access, rate design, utility charging infrastructure investments, and more.

Electric Highway Coalition

Coalition of six major utilities planning corridors of EV charging from Texas through the Eastern seaboard.

Florida Light & Power EV Charging Rate Pilot

Piloting a rate of $0.30 per kWh for electricity sold to motorists at charging stations operated by FPL and two rate structures that limit the amount of demand billed to EV public fast charge service providers at low load factor stations.


Provides an overview of tools, resources, and models for developing low-income energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, including community solar.