Public Utilities

Virginia Bill on Natural Gas Replacement

Allows natural gas utilities to include in their fuel portfolios supplemental or substitute forms of gas sources -- defined as biogas, low-emissions natural gas, and hydrogen.

Connecticut’s Innovative Energy Solutions Program

Evaluating innovative pilot programs, technologies, products, and services that could be deployed on a limited basis, evaluated and potentially scaled up.


Provides solutions to eight regulatory and technical barriers to the interconnection of energy storage solar-plus-storage systems to the distribution grid.

California’s Biomethane Procurement Program

Biomethane procurement targets for utilities of 72.8 billion cubic feet annually of biomethane by 2030, equating to approximately 12% of the gas used by residences and small businesses in 2020.

Massachusetts Geo-Grid Pilots

Testing the viability of projects that replace neighborhood gas pipeline networks with pipes that capture and share thermal energy underground.