3.3.5 Encouraging Density through Zoning

Ann Arbor’s A2Zero Plan

Strategy to shift away from using fossil fuels and power the community with 100% renewable energy within 10 years, while significantly reducing driving and expanding public transit.

RPC’s Model Accessory Dwelling Code

The Rockingham Planning Commission developed a model accessory dwelling code, including detailed explanations for specific provisions contained in a model ordinance.

Gold Beach OR Tiny Home Zoning

Permits the use of a tiny home as a separate single-family dwelling in an existing residential zone, requiring a total square footage of between 200 and 600, on the same lot as a primary dwelling, and with connection to city sewer services.

Amherst MA’s Cluster Development Rules

Provides a detailed ratio for “developed land” to “common land” in Amherst’s Cluster Developments. For every dwelling unit, the code requires 2,000 square feet of usable common land.

Chiply FL’s Cluster Zoning

Requires that cluster developments preserve fifty percent open space in exchange for reducing the minimum lot size from one dwelling unit per ten acres, to two dwelling units per acre.

Concord MA Cluster Zoning

Allows cluster developments reduced minimum lot sizes and requires fifty percent of land be perpetually maintained as open space for agriculture, parks, recreation, or conservation

Jamestown RI Cluster Development

Stipulates that, within three of the region's largest zones, clustered development is required for any subdivision of land over five acres.