3.3.9 Financing Deep Retrofits

DOE Model Energy Savings Performance Contract

DOE has drafted model ESPC language providing process descriptions, examples, and tables as well as the critical details that define the project, operations, and management.

Missouri Home Improvement Tax Deduction

Allows homeowners to take an income tax deduction (up to $1000, or $2000 for couples) of the cost of home energy audits and associated energy efficiency improvements.

Report, Beyond Guaranteed Savings

Reports that ESPCs commonly underestimate the amount of savings that actually accrues to site owners due to deep energy efficiency retrofits.

General Services Administration ESPCs

Report on government efforts to undertake deep energy retrofits using energy services performance contracts with outside contractors. The report highlights eight case studies, projects totaling $238M investment across different levels of government.


The Hawaii Dept. of Transportation completed a $245M contract for deep energy efficiency retrofits, the largest single-state ESPC in the US, with Johnson Controls.

Evansville ESPC

Evansville and Johnson Controls completed a contract for deep energy efficiency retrofits, valued at $39M initial investment, with a 20 year payback.