7.3.1 Healthy Soils

LPDD Model Law: State Healthy Soils Legislation

A menu-based model legislation template of best practices in existing healthy soils legislation from around the country, as well as some forward-looking key issues not yet addressed in existing legislation.

New York Soil Health Roadmap

Includes background on the state of knowledge on soil health in NY, historical and current soil health efforts within and beyond NY, and key stakeholders and organizations involved in efforts to improve NY soil health.

Washington’s Soil Health Initiative

Provides funding for new soil health research and extension activities to develop, evaluate and incentivize best management practices across the agricultural systems in Washington.

California Healthy Soils Program

A collaboration of state agencies and departments to promote the development of healthy soils on California's farmlands and ranchlands.

Maryland’s Healthy Soils Program

Provides incentives, including research, education, technical assistance, and, subject to available funding, financial assistance to farmers for promoting healthy soils practices, including carbon sequestration as an express goal.