5.2.10 Net Metering and Value of Solar

LPDD Recommendation: “Public Utility Commissions should maintain net metering until an alternative rate that measures the true value of solar generation is established.”

Arkansas Act 464

Expanded net metering in Arkansas, raising caps for eligible projects and including storage.

Illinois Value of DER Proceeding

An investigation into an annual process and formula for calculating rebate values for customers with solar, wind or other renewable energy systems.

Connecticut’s Value of DER Proceeding

A proceeding establishing the value of distributed energy resources. DEEP and PURA are required to submit a report on their findings to the General Assembly by July 1, 2020.

California NEM 2.0 Proceeding

NEM 2.0 keeps compensation at the retail rate, but new solar customers will also face a one-time interconnection fee, be required to pay the non-bypassable charges of 2 cents per kWh, and be required to sign up for TOU rates.