5.1.3 Offshore Wind Development

LPDD Recommendation: “BOEM should continue its designation of wind energy areas and prepare programmatic EIS to expedite approval of projects in those areas.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Major federal facilities on the coastlines, such as large naval bases, should consider committing to purchasing power from offshore wind facilities.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should instruct reviewing agencies that unavoidable visual and aesthetic impacts do not provide a basis for denying wind energy projects.”

LPDD Recommendation: “Congress should include preference for offshore renewable energy projects in the CZMA consistency process.”

LPDD Recommendation: “States with offshore wind capacity should develop and implement processes to promptly review and act upon applications for offshore wind projects.”

North Carolina EO on Offshore Wind

A June 2021 Executive Order from North Carolina's Governor set the state's first-ever offshore wind target, calling for as much as 8 gigawatts of wind to be built off the coast of the State by 2040.


Memorandum of understanding between Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina to cooperate on offshore wind power development.

Proposed Ocean-Based Climate Solutions Act (2020)

Seeks to leverage the ocean’s potential in the fight against climate change by promoting offshore renewable energy, protecting blue carbon, supporting climate-ready fisheries, expanding marine protected areas, improving ocean health, and more. 

Virginia Offshore Wind Portfolio

Two 6 MW offshore wind turbines approved by Virginia State Corporation Commission in 2018, and 2020 legislation allowing Dominion Energy to construct 5200 MW of offshore wind.

New York’s Offshore Wind Portfolio

1.7 GW in offshore wind contracted, pursuant to master plan for 2.4 GW. Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act targets 9,000 MW of offshore wind energy by 2035.

K&L Gates report, Offshore Wind Handbook

Includes brief summaries of recent offshore efforts in ten states, analysis of the legal framework under state authority and the Jones Act, and the financial implications of various tax credits.