4.2.12 EV Charging Rate Design

Florida Light & Power EV Charging Rate Pilot

Piloting a rate of $0.30 per kWh for electricity sold to motorists at charging stations operated by FPL and two rate structures that limit the amount of demand billed to EV public fast charge service providers at low load factor stations.

RAP Report, Start with Smart

Outlines policies that can promote the use of  EVs on the grid, and even as a grid resource, such as dedicated EV tariffs and time-varying pricing.

Illinois Transportation Electrification Proceeding

Exploring electricity rate design options related to the adoption and deployment of all types of electric vehicles and supporting transportation electrification infrastructure such as charging stations.

New York’s EV and EV Supply Equipment Proceeding

Public Service Proceeding to consider the role of electric utilities in providing infrastructure and rate designs to accommodate the needs and electricity demands of EVs and EV supply equipment.

Seattle’s City Light Off-Peak Hours

Seattle’s City Light program offers EV owners lower charging rates during off-peak hours vs peak hours, at a ratio of 4.3 cents/kWh vs. 6.5 cents/kWh, in addition to a much lower demand charge.