5.2.11 Rate Restructuring, Grid Modernization, and Utility Reform

LPDD Recommendation: “State PUCs should restructure rates away from the traditional cost-of-service model.”

LPDD Recommendation: “State PUCs should participate in negotiations concerning the restructuring of utilities away from vertically integrated, investor-owned monopolies focused on selling more kWh to alternative models such as community-owned energy systems or energy service companies decoupling generation from distribution and creating new mandates for working with independent generators.”


See also: community solar and virtual net metering examples, listed under “Ownership Models."

Massachusetts DER Planning Proceeding

Investigating utility distributed energy resource planning and the assignment and recovery of costs associated with the distributed generation interconnection process and system modifications needed for interconnection.

MIT Report, The Future of the Electric Grid

A comprehensive, objective portrait of the U.S. electric grid and the challenges and opportunities it is likely to face over the next two decades.

Nevada’s SB 300 (2019)

Directs state regulators to explore an alternative ratemaking process - including performance incentives, decoupling mechanisms, and earnings-sharing mechanisms - that aligns utility business models with meeting the state's 100% clean energy statute.